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just as we have always done for our own assets

ReNOx has been created through a partnership of ENGIE Laborelec and US leading experts to advise and manage DeNOx treatment facilities in North America. Since Laborelec’s creation 55 years ago, their main mission has always been to help their parent company manage its assets in a sound manner and find cost effective solutions. In recent years, ENGIE Laborelec has opened up to third parties, and is now proud to put 25 years of DeNOx expertise at the service of a much wider range of industrial companies to reduce their total cost of ownership of DeNOx treatment facilities. ReNOx will continue this trusted mission in North America, with the goal of being the centre of expertise integrated for the North American electric generation utility market.

Our goal

Whatever your sector, our goal is to optimize the total cost of ownership of your SCR  DeNOx installation, just as we already assist more than 60 SCR customers worldwide.

Expertise developed with our assets, now available to external clients

DeNOx treatment systems were introduced in Germany in the 1980s, and spread throughout Europe in the 1990s and into the 21st century. ENGIE Laborelec has been involved in introducing these systems into the power plants of its principal shareholders starting in Europe, and then globally since the mid-1990s. Playing a leading role in the early stages of testing, building and commissioning the first DeNOx units and in the 25 years since, ENGIE Laborelec have accumulated vast hands-on experience in their operation, maintenance, and in asset management. ReNOx is proud to offer this type of global experience and vast technical acumen to the North American electric generation utility market.

ReNOx will always be evolving and adapting to change, just as ENGIE Laborelec has been doing for some years with external customers. One constant has remained however: we’ll bring to our customers the same principles of sound management and reduction of total cost of ownership as ENGIE Laborelec has always maintained for their internal customers.

SCR Denox Catalyst testing

Multi industry expertise

ReNOx is a world player in SCR services. Whether power plant operators or industries in the oil and gas sector, in steel, aluminium, glass and cement production, or the chemical industry, we are proud to bring 25 years of expertise, and the skills of our highly specialized engineers and technicians, to this much wider range of customers.

Multi disciplinary expertise

Our 25 year experience is complemented by expertise in many related fields, including combustion and other flue gas cleaning technologies such as dedusting, desulphurization and mercury abatement.

Total independence, unbiased recommendations

We are the only global service provider in the market which is completely independent of equipment manufacturers, catalyst manufacturers and companies providing regeneration services, allowing us to provide unbiased recommendations. Whether you are replacing or regenerating catalysts or optimizing operating and maintenance practices, you are guaranteed to get an objective opinion designed to save you money.

Our test facilities

In the USA, ReNOx has strategic alliance with the company ICT, which gives us access to a full scale test bench and to a semi-bench facility in Birmingham, Alabama. In Europe, we have a full scale SCR test bench facility in Germany and a semi-bench for smaller scale tests in Belgium.

Both expertise centre and reference lab

A constant dialogue between technical experts and the laboratory is a powerful success factor, whether the aim is to predict the remaining life of catalysts, or improve the operation or maintenance of a deNOx installation.

This interaction is only possible if test facilities are closely integrated within a technical competence centre.

This is precisely what happens at ENGIE Laborelec, where the combination of expert knowledge with state-of-the-art analysis and measurement capabilities is part of our DNA.

International expert groups

We attach great importance to maintaining the skills of our experts permanently. Our extensive field experience and enduring contact with site operators is a first means to stay at the forefront. In parallel ENGIE Laborelec is active in numerous groups of international experts, such as standardization committees or expert circles from technical associations. In the SCR domain, we are for example active members of the steering committee of the VGB flue gas cleaning group, where we took a leading role in the development of the VGB guideline S302 (2013).

At your service,
no matter where you are

ReNOx is based in Cincinnati, Ohio. From there, we serve our US and Canadian customers. Our parent company, ENGIE Laborelec, serves customers all over the world. Locations in Belgium, Germany and the Netherlands serve Europe-based customers, whereas branches in Chile and Abu Dhabi provide for customers in South America and the Middle East, respectively. Our representation in Asia, especially in Thailand, Indonesia and the Philippines, is assured through the network of the ENGIE Group.